Thursday, August 14, 2008


So as I explained Kelowna was lucky enough to play host to the annual LuluLemon warehouse sale! In this post you'll find other info about it. Today was the first day and I got there at 9:15 am (it opened at 9am), I didn't anticipate how many people there would be! They had already let in about 650 people(the clubs capacity) and about 1000 were lined up all around the outside perimeter. I will admit I budged! I got in at about 10 am, it was great in there! I shopped, tried on clothes, payed, and got outta there by 12, whew! It was worth it. Here's a photo of some of the stuff I bought.

This shows 2 sports bras, shorts, tennis skirt, tank top, long sleeve shirt, sweats, and 2 bikini bottoms.

More food posts to come, I promise!..Especially once I move out!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bike Complete!

My bike is now fully equipped. Here is what I have gotten since buying the bike:

2 Panniers
Front and rear lights
Helmet light
Water Bottle Holder
U-lock with cable

The guys at Cyclepath swear by these panniers, which are totally waterproof, the ones I bought have a 40 litre capacity. So excited to not have to wear a backpack!

Thinking of starting my 2 week unlimited yoga trial (only $35!) on the 15th or 16th at Anjali Yoga Studio.
Lululemon is having their annual warehouse sale here! How lucky am I!? The other day some of the girls who work there came into my cafe and are going to bring me a free organic yoga mat because there is so much stuff from all the stores flowing into Kelowna for the sale! I will post pictures of the stuff I buy and the yoga mat, the sale is from the 14th-17th. I booked off the 14th! Haha. Looking forward to it! Bye for now...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blog Hiatus...Begins Now

I have been so busy with work and preparing to leave the nest, that I just don't feel I have the time right now to have a great vegan food blog! I don't want to do this half-ass. I move in on the 25th of August and I will probably begin regularly posting on a schedule that I will develop in time , according to my university classes and study hours. I will still keep posting for August, but more randomly, as I just can't always find and whip out my camera to snatch a shot. Or will myself to go on the computer to explain my daily food and activities.

I am getting a laptop before I move out so I will definitely be playing around with it and posting. I will still post in August though, just not document every single thing! least until September

Hope someone reads this... hahah